Naked Ed: Keeper of Lilly Springs

John Edward “Naked Ed” Watts was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. This disease made it too dangerous for him to work and he was put on government disability. Unable to work, Naked Ed wondered what he would do with his life. The answer came when he canoed down the Santa […]

Women of the Ocklawaha: Erika Ritter

Erika Ritter

For a couple of months every three or four years, an excursion on the Ocklawaha River is a unique journey. The water is closer to historic levels of the waterway prior to the construction of a dam. That’s when inland waterway captain Erika Ritter most enjoys taking passengers down the river. The Rodman Reservoir near […]

Erin Alvarez: Landscape Instructor

A beautiful, water-efficient landscape doesn’t require a huge investment, lots of water and constant maintenance as homeowners might assume. Erin Alvarez, landscape instructor at UF Environmental Horticulture Department, says knowledge about what kinds of plants to install in your backyard and up-to-date irrigation systems is by far the best way to avoid water waste. “A […]

Jill Heinerth: Underwater Explorer and Water Activist

When she was 2 years old, Jill Heinerth fell off a dock into the freezing cold water of Lake Ontario. In the midst of drowning, Heinerth said the only thing she remembers is floating face down, content and unafraid. “It was peaceful down there,” she said. “I saw the rainbow ripples on the sand below […]

Laura Reynolds: Scientist and Advocate

Laura Reynolds is the executive director of the Tropical Audubon Society. The goal of her life’s work as a scientist, teacher and advocate has been to educate people about how to live sustainably with the planet’s natural resources. Laura explains the unique challenge Florida’s water resources face and her hopes for the future.

Lars Andersen: Guide to Florida's Waters

Lars Andersen began writing about nature in the mid 1980s.  His first work, an audiobook titled “North Florida Adventure,” was an educational look at the history and locations of North Florida through the eyes of fictional characters.  Listeners can drive across North Florida and hear about sites as they pass by. Since then, Andersen, a […]

Paul Clark: One Man, Many Springs

For a systems librarian, a kind of person one might typically consider practical and studious, Paul Clark has a decided “spring” in his step. The award-winning librarian for Clay County Public Library has a passion for Florida springs as evidenced by the 1200 photos on his Flickr page. His blog, Florida Springs, lists six years of news […]

Frank Bouchard: Enthusiast

Frank Bouchard loves the Everglades. He thinks Florida’s waterways are the prettiest of any he has ever paddled. They are one part of the environment that he is eager to share with others in order to protect it. Bouchard lives in a fully furnished one-room tent. For $80 a month he has access to the […]