Consumptive use permit (CUP)

A permit issued by a water management district for aquifer withdrawals in excess of a certain amount. Other thresholds apply. For example, the St. Johns Water Management District ceiling is an annual average of more than 100,00o gallons per day, a pumping capacity more than a million gallons a day, and a a well pump six inches or greater.

Recharge area

A geographic area that can be hundreds of square miles that contributes to filtering rainwater that flows into the aquifer and ultimately out of springs in Florida.

Artesian springs

Water from a confined aquifer under positive pressure, which causes the water level to rise and flow through available openings.


The response of an ecosystem to the addition of artificial or natural substances, such as fertilizers or sewage that results explosive and unhealthy production of vegetative material. Algae blooms are an example.