Lenses and love: The art of saving Florida’s springs

Green: the color of springtime leaves, the flowing saw grass of the Everglades. It’s synonymous with nature, outdoors, and perhaps recycling – and also the most recent addition to Margaret Ross Tolbert’s palette. Fanning Spring was Tolbert’s favorite place to paint. She would immerse herself in its crystal waters and spend hours by the Suwannee

From Street View to Springs View

Google’s “street view” has moved into wild Florida. First came “ocean view,” next up: “spring view” – with manatees.    By Jennifer Adler   CRYSTAL RIVER: On a serene recent morning at Three Sisters Springs, a half-dozen motionless manatees seemed to sleep in as the late-rising sun cast an orange glow on the fog. “We have

Into the Devil’s Sink

By Stephenie Livingston   As the legend goes, the devil fell in love with a local Indian woman and opened up a hole in the earth to take her down with him to hell—giving birth to a sunken rain forest. Called the Devil’s Millhopper for its shape, like that of a mill’s hopper, the sinkhole in

Bringing Together Voices for Water

By Melissa K. Hill   The debate in the Florida Legislature over how to spend Amendment 1 conservation funding approved by voters last fall reveals what many consider a widening gap between Floridians and their elected lawmakers on environmental issues. A new North Florida speaker’s series called Water Voices aims to help bridge the divide –

Weather, Water, and Climate Change

Until recently, Floridians could count on a daily drenching sometime in the afternoon—except during a few cool, dry winter months. Long-time Florida residents note that those predictable daily storms are fewer in number and lighter in intensity. And they tend to be random rather than predictable. Climate change is increasingly affecting weather on a local level, so much so that the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently changed the plant hardiness zones for the entire country. Atmospheric conditions, fossil fuel emissions, warming ocean temperatures and local land use may be behind the vanishing afternoon summer showers.

Naked Ed: Keeper of Lilly Springs

John Edward “Naked Ed” Watts was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. This disease