From Street View to Springs View

Google’s “street view” has moved into wild Florida. First came “ocean view,” next up: “spring view” – with

Naked Ed: Keeper of Lilly Springs

John Edward “Naked Ed” Watts was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. This disease

Weather, Water, and Climate Change

Until recently, Floridians could count on a daily drenching sometime in the afternoon—except during a few cool, dry winter months. Long-time Florida residents note that those predictable daily storms are fewer in number and lighter in intensity. And they tend to be random rather than predictable. Climate change is increasingly affecting weather on a local level, so much so that the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently changed the plant hardiness zones for the entire country. Atmospheric conditions, fossil fuel emissions, warming ocean temperatures and local land use may be behind the vanishing afternoon summer showers.

Fountains of Life: A Look at Florida Springs from Sacred Waters to Green Slime

There are more than a thousand natural springs in Florida. They are prehistoric, beautiful, world-famous, and draw thousands

Women of the Ocklawaha: Erika Ritter

For a couple of months every three or four years, an excursion on the Ocklawaha River is a

Smart Landscaping

Erin Alvarez is a landscape instructor at the University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Department. Her teaching program is

Erin Alvarez: Landscape Instructor

A beautiful, water-efficient landscape doesn’t require a huge investment, lots of water and constant maintenance as homeowners might

Jill Heinerth: Underwater Explorer and Water Activist

When she was 2 years old, Jill Heinerth fell off a dock into the freezing cold water of

Water Alchemy: Desalination in the U.S. and Abroad

Desalination — in the simplest terms — means turning salt water into potable water. This is one technique

Water Efficient Irrigation

Joe Floyd is one of four co-owners of Abundant Edible Landscapes. From fruit trees to rainwater collection systems,

Laura Reynolds: Scientist and Advocate

Laura Reynolds is the executive director of the Tropical Audubon Society. The goal of her life’s work as a scientist, teacher and advocate has been to educate people about how to live sustainably with the planet’s natural resources. Laura explains the unique challenge Florida’s water resources face and her hopes for the future.

Alternative North Central Florida Lawns

One Floridian uses the same amount of water in one day, as an average person living in Mozambique,

Blue Spring

While other springs across the state may be dwindling down with overuse, the winter haven for the West Indian manatee that is Blue Springs remains untouched with its minimal flow regime. This allows the spring’s water levels to remain sustainable for wildlife without the worry of over consumption.

Water in Florida: A Timeline

From the Fountain of Youth to our dropping aquifer levels, Florida’s history has been driven by what happens

Saving water IN and OUT of your home

Spring and summer seasons for Floridians are characterized by recreational activities involving water sources that are especially unique